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Tourist rental

Velocity offers the medium-long term rental service to the tourist facilities. Anyone wishing to have a rental at its own premises, without investing in the purchase of bicycles, in their maintenance, in the insurances and in their storage at the end of the season, may rely on the experience of Velocity. We studied “rent” packages inclusive of insurances, technical service, repairs and overhauls, delivery and collection of the bikes, as well as replacement of bikes in case of breakage.

Also all the paperworks and the contracts that will be provided for, to allow the renting of bikes to the customers, have been properly written by professionals, in order to relieve the renter from any obligation and waste of time.

It is possible to choose among different types of e-bikes, according to the different needs and uses. The equipment of the models is specifically designed and manufactured for the rental, therefore with highly reliable and sturdy details.

In case of purchase during the rental period, or at the end of the same, it is possible to ransom the bikes.

Besides, with a small contribution, Velocity may provide a valid insurance against theft even when the bikes are entrusted to the customers.

The rental period is flexible and adaptable to the customer’s needs.

In fact, it is possible to book one’s own bikes from a minimum of 3 months up to a maximum of 36 months. The months may also be not consecutive.

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